Are Waist Trainers Bad For You? – No, They’re Not

And Here’s Why…

What many health experts fail to mention when talking about the supposed dangers of waist training – is the difference between a waist trainer and a corset. Most of these supposed dangers related to waist training are actually only really relevant to corsets, but unfortunately, most of these experts don’t know or simply don’t care enough to specify the difference. 

Waist trainers are really nowhere near as bad as they are made out to be. At best, a waist trainer will help you lose loads of weight and get that hourglass figure. At worst, it will be ineffective. You certainly won’t be passing out, your organs won’t receive any permanent damage, and yes, you’ll still be able to breathe.

Having a waist trainer on is much like wearing a tight shirt. You’re fine until you go out, and then it’ll be about as much discomfort as putting on your tightest pair of jeans and then going out for a great big greasy meal. Which one of us hasn’t been in that situation before?

Waist Trainers And Corsets Are Not One And The Same

There is a stark difference between the two.

Waist trainers are made out of a flexible material that allows you to breathe and move around as normal, which is why a waist trainer simply does not have the strength to shift your organs out of place. It has been designed in this specific way so that your waist is cinched in for maximum results, but the material is flexible enough to not interfere with your daily activities.

Corsets, on the other hand, do have the ability to shift your organs. But, the truth is that you’d have to wear a corset all day every day for years and years before it begins to affect your organs to the extreme. 

Neither of the two can cause you any harm if you know how to use them correctly, but both can give you great results. A waist trainer can truly give you the body of your dreams, but you won’t know until you try it out yourself!

Fear-Mongering Gets Clicks

Health experts often exaggerate the dangers of a particular thing, especially online. Have you ever had mild symptoms of a cold but googled them just to be sure that it really is a cold and nothing more? You often come away feeling worse, and in imminent danger too. Worst-case scenarios are often specified online, but they only happen extremely rarely and are unlikely to affect the rest of us.

The same goes for waist trainers, the dangers are often exaggerated, and the benefits – not praised enough.

Misinformation comes from generalization. A waist trainer and a corset are not the same, and as such, they do not carry the same dangers.

Each person is different and their body will react differently to a waist trainer, but I can tell you this – the majority of people have come away from waist training feeling happier and healthier. Not only that, but they have slimmed down their waists, got that hourglass figure and the body of their dreams in the process too! 

Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrities can be a tricky territory and most of the time it really depends on who the celebrity is. Yes, the Kardashians have been big supporters of waist trainers and while they do reach a wide audience, their reliability can sometimes be more than questionable…

Honestly, celebrities wouldn’t be endorsing products that were dangerous for you or they would get slated by the media and their fans too! Okay, maybe the Kardashians would, remember those appetite-suppressing lollipops? But, waist trainers have also been endorsed by the likes of Jessica Alba and fitness gurus everywhere!

It is entirely up to you who you choose to believe and take advice from.

Myth vs. Truth

  • Myth no.1 – you may experience difficulty breathing. The truth is that most people don’t use the entirety of their lungs when breathing normally. If you’re gonna spend your day lounging around your house with a waist trainer on then you won’t need full lung capacity anyway. If you choose to exercise with your waist trainer on, that is when you may experience some concerns. But this can be easily overcome with a specific waist trainer designed for exercise, that is if you want to make the most out of your workout. 
  • Myth no.2 – it may shift your organs. That is simply untrue. A waist trainer doesn’t have the ability to shift your organs because it is made out of flexible material, unlike corsets, which do have the ability to shift your organs but not only would that take years of everyday use but it also unlikely to happen if used correctly.
  • Myth no.3 – a waist trainer will cause rashes. No, again, not if worn correctly. It is recommended that you put a layer of clothing, like a shirt, between your skin and your waist trainer. Firstly to avoid rashes but secondly, to stop sweat from getting directly into your waist trainer and improving its longevity.

The only thing of any real concern when it comes to waist trainers is for people suffering from certain conditions including frequent heartburn, stomach acid, or the like. In that case, you’d want to avoid the extra pressure on your abdomen. If in doubt, speak to your healthcare provider.

So, Are Waist Trainers Bad For You?

No – they’re really not. If used correctly then a waist trainer can bring you no dangers, only benefits. But of course, you won’t get these benefits until you try out waist training for yourself. So get out there and get that body you’ve been dreaming of!

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