The Dangers of Waist Training – Debunking The Myths

The dangers of waist training in the media are often either exaggerated or just downright incorrect… so let’s take a walk together and debunk some of the myths and concerns surrounding the use of waist trainers, shall we?

Myth No.1) – ‘Waist Trainers Cause Dehydration’

The truth is that wearing a waist trainer while exercising WILL cause more sweating than usual. However… on our journey to lose weight and gain an hourglass figure, sweat is our friend. It is not something to be afraid of, and in fact, it will help us.

The recommended water intake for a standard day is 3 to 4 litres, and most people don’t even get half that… And that’s nevermind how much more water you should be drinking while actively exercising.

Waist trainers by themselves do not cause dehydration – they have been designed to make you sweat and to encourage fat loss. Replenish your fluids throughout the day, and you’ll be absolutely fine.

Easy Ways To Remember To Drink Water:

  1. Get an app that will remind you to do so for you. Make sure to have a glass before every meal so that you’re fuller and won’t feel the need to eat as much. Most people think they’re hungry when really they’re just thirsty.
  2. Buy a nice big water bottle than you can fill up with at least a litre straight away and drink every single time it catches your eye. Carry it around with you everywhere. Refill it often.
  3. Not a fan of water? Add fruit, mint leaves, ice cubes too, and store in the fridge overnight for a fruity taste in the morning.

Overall, as long as you remember to increase your water intake once you start waist training, this really won’t be a cause for concern.

Myth No.2) – ‘A Waist Trainer Will Shift Your Organs’

All in all, waist trainers simply do not have the strength to shift your organs into extremes.

Most people, especially critics trying to exaggerate the dangers of waist training, fail to distinguish the difference between waist trainers and corsets.

  • Corsets are far more rigid, and with continued use over time, can and will have the ability to shift your organs and even your bones into extremes.
  • Waist trainers, on the other hand, are made out of flexible material that allows you to move and breathe while still being strong enough to cinch in your waist to give that desired hourglass figure effect without affecting your internal organs.

Bruising is another concern, which again, could be a consequence of prolonged use of a corset but is not a problem when it comes to the waist trainer – that being, as long as you make sure to buy one that is the correct size for your body…

But overall… this is a myth and nothing more.

Myth No.3) – ‘Skin Irritation Is A Problem’

This is another concern that is only viable if you’re not using your waist trainer correctly.

The correct way is to always make sure to put a layer of material between your skin and your waist trainer. This could be a shirt or a tank top or anything that can be worn underneath a waist trainer. Doing so will prevent your skin from chafing and becoming irritated.

Not only that, but this will also extend the longevity of your waist trainer – you won’t need to wash it as much because of that protective layer. Now, how’s that for getting your money’s worth?

Myth No.4) – ‘Acid Reflux’

The causes of acid reflux and heartburn can include:

  1.  stress and anxiety
  2.  certain medications
  3.  being overweight
  4.  smoking
  5.  certain lifestyle choices

Notice that waist trainers do not appear on that list. That’s because a waist trainer is highly unlikely to cause acid reflux unless you’ve previously experienced regular bouts of stomach acid, in which case the added pressure to your waist certainly won’t help and if anything, could make things worse. Please seek the help and advice of your medical practitioner before buying a waist trainer if acid reflux happens to be a recurring issue for you.

This is less of a myth and more of an actual concern, which is why it could be considered one of the dangers of waist training. However, seeing as it will only affect some people, it is down to each one of you to decide whether waist training is the correct course of action for your body.

Myth No.5) – Psychological Damage

The principle here is to make sure that you are using a waist trainer for goals that are entirely your own.

Whether these goals include slimming down, gaining an hourglass figure, or maybe both, you should be striving for these goals for yourself.

Don’t try to slim down or lose weight to impress or copy someone else, in the end, you are no.1 and your opinion is the only one that really matters*.

You should be happy in the body that you are in but, here on this site, we know that’s not always the case, which is why we’re here to help you gain that boost of confidence you need to take on every day.

It’s okay to want to change the way you look but, confidence cannot be gained from the outside. It’s important to like yourself for who you are and only make the changes that will truly make you happy.

If you’re healthy on the inside then you’ll feel better and look more radiant on the outside.

Happiness comes from within and here we are passionate about making people happier with as little headache as possible.

Don’t let stress and other people’s opinions take a psychological toll on you.

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