Waist Trainer Benefits – Why You Should Get One

There are so many reasons why you should get a waist trainer – from losing weight to achieving better posture, we’re gonna go through all the waist trainer benefits to find out why investing your money into one is a good idea.

1. Hourglass Figure

The number one reason people choose to buy waist trainers is to obtain an hourglass figure. An hourglass is the most desirable of the four traditional body types and it’s easy to see why. Some of the most beautiful and famous women alive sport an hourglass figure up to and including the likes of Scarlett Johansson and Sofia Vergara. They seem to be very happy and confident in themselves and their bodies, which is what makes them so attractive. Now… you may be happy and confident with your own body too, in which case more power to you! But… if that is not the case or you simply want to enhance the way you look then a waist trainer may be the ideal solution for you!

2. Weight Loss

One of the key waist trainer benefits is that you can lose weight by regularly using one. Although it is important to note that any weight you lose early on will be due to the loss of fluids through sweat and perspiration rather than actual fat loss. Reducing water retention in the body is something else that will initially help you lose weight but is also beneficial in the sense that it can reduce feelings of bloating, puffiness and exhaustion. Loss of water weight is the thing that will make sure you see results almost instantly, however, if you use your waist trainer in conjunction with healthy eating and regular exercise, as doctors and dietitians suggest you do if you hope to lose weight, then this loss of fluids will quickly turn into loss of fat and you’ll be able to slim down in no time!

3. Maximizing Workouts

Make the most of your efforts at the gym by wearing a waist trainer while you work out. Not only will this makeshift corset make you sweat more, it will also add pressure on to your abdomen and keep your core tight while you exercise. You often hear fitness gurus telling you to keep your abs firm during exercise for maximum results so why not make it easier for yourself by getting a waist trainer that will help you do this with ease?

4. Minimizing Appetite

Now… I know this doesn’t sound particularly healthy, or even good for you really, that’s exactly what I thought, but you’d be surprised to find out just how much this can help you! By wearing a waist trainer you are cinching in your abdomen and so adding pressure on to your stomach. This is especially great for anyone who tends to snack out of habit or simply out of boredom more so than out of actual hunger because it works to reduce the amount of food you can physically consume in one sitting. It also works to reduce your meal sizes and help you keep the amount of the calories you consume in check all the while stopping you from overeating. A reduced appetite will give you a better sense of when you are full so that needless snacking is no longer necessary.

5. Instant Results

Results really are instant! After just a few days of continuously wearing a waist trainer you will be able to see clear results. Although, again, I would like to note that any initial weight loss is due to loss of fluids rather than fat, in the same way that the keto diet produces significant results in the first week of sticking to it before these wear down, it is all due to the reduction of water retention within the body. This is why it is so important to keep sticking with a waist trainer by using it in conjunction with regular exercise and healthy eating as only that way will you keep progressing and seeing consistent results. Though of course it is always encouraging to see pay off so soon after starting, which keeps you motivated and allows you to stay on track towards the results that YOU want, which is just another one of the many waist trainer benefits.

6. Improves Confidence

I believe that seeing instant results and feeling better by knowing you’re on the right track to achieving the body of your dreams will greatly increase your confidence. Confidence is key to living your best life because it generally makes you happier, which is the whole point of using a waist trainer – to make you happier in your own skin. At the end of the day, it is YOUR body and you’re the one who’s going to be living in it, which is why you shouldn’t change the way you look for anyone else but yourself as only that way will you gain true confidence.

7. Improves Posture

Using a waist trainer can greatly improve your posture IF you use it correctly. You can do so by making sure to not spend too much time with it on as that can do more damage than actual good. With regular use, it can also get rid of any existing back pain and help minimize it so that you can comfortably get on with your day! Posture is another one of those key elements that not only make you feel better and more confident but also portray you to the outside world as more self-assured (even if you’re not).

8. Bustline Support

For the bustier ladies among us a waist trainer can help add support to the bustline and take some of the pressure off your back in the same way that it can improve your posture. Wearing a waist trainer will also accentuate your chest area and so give the appearance of a more streamlined silhouette overall.

9. Reduced Period Cramps

Again, the added pressure on to your abdomen will work in more ways than one and not only reduce your appetite but also alleviate some of the pain associated with periods. This may not work for everyone but it is definitely worth a try if it means not having to down a couple ibuprofens every four hours to get through the day. Since you can wear a waist trainer under your clothes it means that you can go about your day feeling good and looking good too! You won’t feel bloated or in pain and look great even during your worst time of the month. Now isn’t that one hell of a benefit?

10. Postpartum Waist Tightening

The idea behind waist training is that you can mold your midsection in to the shape that you’d like it to be. This is great for any new mothers out there that want to get back into shape but simply don’t have the time to start hitting the gym again with a newborn baby to look after. Alleviate some of this stress that new mothers feel of having to get straight back into shape after giving birth and let the waist trainer do it for you while you focus on your bundle of joy.


With so many different waist trainer benefits it would be ludicrous not to buy one and experience these advantages for yourself! Now of course waist trainers may not be for everyone and I have talked about their specific drawbacks in a separate post on this very website but importantly, if you experience any major side effects then make sure to discontinue use immediately. Albeit, this will only affect a very small proportion of people.

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