What’s a Waist Trainer? – Everything You Need To Know

To make things easier, you can think of a waist trainer as just another layer of clothing. It is made out of a hard but flexible material that goes around your midsection and cinches in your waist to give your stomach that nice curve and hourglass figure. It’s usually held together by hooks or Velcro.

That is what a waist trainer essentially is.

So Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Waist Trainers? 

Well… Did you know that merely by wearing a waist trainer every day you can lose tons of weight without any significant effort?!  

I know I’m not willing to give up my favourite snacks and treats, and you shouldn’t be either. 

How do leafy greens sound for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Boring, that’s how. 

That’s the amazing thing about waist trainers, you won’t have to change your diet or exercise excessively to get the body of your dreams!

What’s The Catch?

But of course, just like anything else, diet and exercise can only help. And while you certainly won’t have to drastically change your eating habits to lose weight, ditching some of that extra sugar certainly won’t make things worse.  

Cutting out some snacks here and there and maybe taking the time out every day to go out for a fifteen-minute walk with your waist trainer on will only do you good. If anything, you’ll get to your goal all the more quickly. It certainly seems like a small price to pay to achieve confidence. 

I know you won’t regret that extra effort because I sure didn’t. 

The Bare Minimum

The truth is that you will get as much from the waist trainer as you put in. At the bare minimum, it will cinch in your waist and help you get that hourglass figure, which is exactly what everyone wants. 

However, a small amount of effort on your part will not only help you shred weight unlike anything else before, but it will also give you the confidence that you need to take on everyday life.

These small amounts of effort can include quite literally anything – any form of movement, enough to get you sweating. A walk may be all you need. 

That, and a more mindful diet, which again, doesn’t have to be a brain ache. Lower your daily sugar intake, and the results will start stacking up.

Waist Trainer or Corset?

A waist trainer is not a corset, it doesn’t have the ability to shift your organs because it is made out of flexible material. There is a stark difference between the two, and yet, unfortunately, most experts don’t know or don’t care enough to specify that difference when talking about the dangers of waist training. 

We have an article here that goes more into depth on the differences between the two. You never know – a corset might just be a more suitable option for you.   

Your New Best Friend

The truth is that a waist trainer has the ability to give you the body of your dreams. It is quick, and it is easy. It brings its own heap of benefits, and it can act as shape-wear by making your figure seem smoother and more streamlined. 

At the end of the day, it really is just like another layer of clothing… Though no top you’ve ever owned had the ability to give you a tiny waist…

So, to go back to the original question of – what’s a waist trainer?

Well… it might just be your new best friend.

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